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Triathlon Training
The three sports together, and transitions. Swimming, biking, and running, that is triathlon. The training options multiply.
How to efficiently combine training sessions (swimming, cycling, and running) is the most frequent doubt among triathletes.

Whether a sprint triathlon, an olympic triathlon, a half Ironman triathlon, or an Ironman triathlon, it is always important to know when to swim, when to work on your running pace, and when to focus on your cycling performance. Transitions are also important but you may not want to train them from the beginning, the journey is long, and there will be time.
At the beginning of your triathlon training you need to focus on strength training, technique, and aerobics efforts, to gradually incorporate interval training, higher volumes, etc.

Not only each triathlete is different, and responds differently to individual workouts but her previous experience as a swimmer, cyclist, or runner plays also an important role.

In SBRTraining we take everything into consideration, and want to make sure we take you to the finish line. Start using our digital platform and get a triathlon training plan customized to your challenge, fitness, availability, and weekly progress. Are you in?

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