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Open Water Swimming Training
To get ready for open water events most amass many days of continuous swimming in the pool. However, this route has two drawbacks: it is not only boring and monotonous, but we will not get the best results.
Open water events may range from 500 to 15,000 meters. Although for many swimming begins as an unrewarding sport, due to its specific technique and training needs, they quickly see their accumulated weekly effort rewarded with feelings of freedom, peace, and comfort.

There must be an initial strengthening period, and a progressive increase in meters as our fitness improves. Technique is also very important, and technique work must be part of our training, especially at the beginning of the preseason.
Additionally, we will get better results with the addition of training accessories such as a pullboy, shovels, and fins, which, on the other hand, also allow us to design more enjoyable swimming workouts.

Nevertheless, all these instructions are nothing more than simple suggestions, unless we know when each routine needs to be incorporated into our training schedule, how hard they need to be implemented, and when and how much we need to rest between sessions to allow our body to recover.

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