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Barcelona Vila Triathlon
The Skoda Triathlon Series' Vila Triathlon was held on July 19, an important date in the triathlon calendar, and an outstanding race to enjoy the sport of triathlon in Barcelona.
The day before the race, SBRTraining participated in the race expo to share the status of the training application we are developing, and give our fans the chance to win one of three promo codes to enjoy a customized online training program so that they can train for their next challenge with our new software. The winners are: Sandra Martínez Riera, Jordi Tuset Peris, and Joan Jesús Ruiz. Congratulations to the three of them! As fo...
How many hours I have to train for
One of the most common questions among athletes is how many hours they have to train to make the most out of it.
Work and family take often most of our time. Nevertheless, being physically active may help on those areas too. It will help us feel stronger, be more positive, release stress, and sleep better, among many other benefits. In summary, it is definitely a worthy effort.

Where Do I Begin?
It is important to set a training schedule we can truly commit to. If we set to train five days a week but, in the end, we are only able to train three days, we are going to fe...
Online training software
The SBRTraining team has been working for years on a customized training platform run by a complex algorithm, and is now getting ready to launch it.
SBRtraining is not based on universal training programs. Instead, it is committed to provide weekly training programs customized to each individual athlete’s needs and progress. Your Profile When you sign up for SBRTraining you are asked for your age, gender, athletic profile (among more than 20 profiles including inactive, runner, cyclist, swimmer, short distance triathlete, long distance triathlete, etc.), availability for training (3 to 6 days per week), next athletic challenge, and dat...
The Principle of Individual Differences in sport training
Physical exercise is on the rise. Many people start swimming, running, or cycling to adopt a healthier lifestyle, and to release stress.
While for many it starts as a hobby, it soon evolves into a more organized training for a specific event.

Friends, Generic Training Programs, and Recommendations
The Internet, friends, and athletic associations facilitate the access to a great number of articles, advices, and training programs designed to clear up doubts about how to get ready for an event. These guidelines offer an organized schedule through the finish line. Sometimes, they even highlight the ...
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