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How Does SBRTraining Work?
The SBRTraining team has been working for years on a customized training platform run by a complex algorithm, and is now getting ready to launch it.
SBRtraining is not based on universal training programs. Instead, it is committed to provide weekly training programs customized to each individual athlete’s needs and progress. Your Profile When you sign up for SBRTraining you are asked for your age, gender, athletic profile (among more than 20 profiles including inactive, runner, cyclist, swimmer, short distance triathlete, long distance triathlete, etc.), availability for training (3 to 6 days per week), next athletic challenge, and date of the challenge. You will then get your first 7-day training program. After interacting with our platform during the week (i.e., How did each training session make you feel? How many training sessions did you complete? etc.) you will get a second week customized to your specific progress. We know you want to start training, and that you want to do it right. We know you want to make the most of the little free time you may have for training, and we have work hard to create an affordable virtual training platform that allows you to do just that. What If I Have Doubts? In addition, soon you will also have the option to reach out to a coach through our platform to have all your questions answered: first time racing, improving results, best gear, etc. Everything within our platform, and on hand through your preferred device, to make sure you cross you next finish line. Are you ready to train? #trainingapp #howitworks #onlinetraining #upgradeyourdreams #sbrtraining #training #youcanifyouwant
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