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Are you a fan of mountain biking? Do you love the mountains? Are you motivated by the idea of spending several days riding your mountain bike?
In recent years, MTB events have increased and diversified. When training for these events, people must acknowledge the specificity of the sport, and their own needs.

The physical work on mountain bike rides is intense. Whether short and technical or long multistage events, mountain bike events are intense and require endurance. Mountain bike training should be based on four elements: basic strength training; technique; interval training to increase our speed/power; and mileage. However, these elements must be combined properly.
You have to develop training cycles that combine strength, technique, intervals, and mileage during the preseason and season to make sure you will be ready for your challenge.

If this is your challenge, SBRTraining offers different mountain bike training challenges. Choose yours, pick the date of your event, and every week, after hearing your feedback, you will get a new and customized training schedule just for you!

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