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SBRTraining offers training programs for all fitness levels, and updates your training program every week based on your feedback and progress.
  You have started running, and want more
  You are switching to triathlon this year
  You want to improve your PR
  Your dream is to run a marathon
  You are doing your first Ironman and are full of doubts
  You are into road and mountain biking
  You are all about swimming and open water swims
Weekly Online Training Program
Customized for All Fitness Levels
No matter who you are, SBRTraining has a training program specific for you, and is ready to take you to the finish line.
Feedback and Progress
Because we are all different, and progress in different ways, SBRTraining updates your training program every week based on your weekly feedback and rate of training sessions completed.
Training Calendars and Sessions in Your App
Online Training Software
Weekly Planning
Every week, your training program is customized, as needed, to you, your challenge, and your fitness level.
10,00/month is all you need to get to your next challenge, because the cost should not be an issue.
Free Account
Affordable Training App
Training Charts in Your App
Training schedules, sessions, and charts are designed for you to quickly understand where you are at, and get back to work. Your training program is just a mouse-click away, there is no time to waste!
Barcelona Vila Triathlon
The Skoda Triathlon Series' Vila Triathlon was held on July 19, an important date in the triathlon calendar, and an outstanding race to enjoy the sport of triathlon in Barcelona.
How many hours I have to train for
One of the most common questions among athletes is how many hours they have to train to make the most out of it.
Online training software
The SBRTraining team has been working for years on a customized training platform run by a complex algorithm, and is now getting ready to launch it.
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