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Duathlon Training
Running, biking, running, or, in one word, duathlon. If you are a regular in running events, and ride your bike often, duathlon events seem the obvious next choice, but there is a trick.
Just as it is the case for the triathlon, the duathlon is not just the combination of two sports (and transitions), but a sport in itself.

The structure of both preseason and season training is important to stay away from a common misconception among duathletes: running what a recreational runner runs, and ride what a weekend recreational rider rides. Both disciplines can complement each other, multiplying your performance and results, without simply and directly adding workouts from each one.
If you are looking for a duathlon training plan to help you improve your performance, or if you are doing your first one and do not know how to combine your running and cycling efforts, in SBRTraining we have your back.

Sign up today, fill out the form that will help us learn more about you, your experience, and skills, choose your challenge, and get ready to train your way to the finish line.

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