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Each year, with the arrival of the good weather, weekends are filled with cycling rides of different distances, profiles and characteristics, and more and more cyclists and triathletes come together to ride and compete.
Accumulating miles up to the date of the event, and going out on a ride with friends every Saturday and Sunday may not be enough when training for a cycling ride. You may also need to strengthen your legs early in the season to avoid injuries, and ensure your cycling training progresses regularly over the coming months.
If it is your first time, and performing at your highest level is not yet your challenge, after some basic training sessions, these will evolve to ensure you accumulate the right amount of miles while incorporating specific hill and interval workouts that will noticeably improve your cycling level.

If, on the other hand, your challenge is to perform at your highest level, there will be a greater load of interval workouts and overall mileage.

Each cyclist is different, and assimilates miles and loads differently. That is why with SBRTraining you get a weekly training plan adapted to your specific needs.

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