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What is SBR?
Sporting Events
Free plans
Customized for You
Because we are all different, with SBRTraining you get a training program adjusted to your fitness level.
All you need to do is to input your athletic profile, challenge, availability, and training history. You will get peace of mind, and a more efficient and customized training program to take you to the finish line.
Feedback and Progress
We believe in a customized and personalized training program based on your progress. Your weekly feedback is essential for SBRTraining to update and readjust your training program every week.
The Unexpected and Changes
If, at any given time, you feel pain, your availability changes, or you wish to soften/harden your training, SBRTraining will let you adjust your training program, so every week you will get what is best for you.
Online personal trainer with training software
Get your customized training program for just €10,00/month, and get ready for your next challenge at your pace, without worrying about your pocket.
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Advanced Users
¿Are you looking for an even more customized training program? ¿Do you want to carefully track your progress? SBRTraining will use a series of fitness tests to estimate your training zones, and will incorporate those into your training program.
Track your progress by means of the variables that sum up your training. Visualize promptly and efficiently your total mileage, weekly progress, and challenges. Your history is there to keep you motivated, and help you achieve your next challenge.
Daily customized training to get results
For Everyone
If you are new to swimming, running, cycling, or triathlons, and do not have a GPS device, nor a clear understanding of pace or heart rate zones, SBRTraining is also for you. It is easy to use, and accessible from your computer and mobile device.
Analysis and charts of your customized training and progress
If you would like to talk to a real coach about your training program, intermediate challenges, gear, etc., SBRTraining offers a consultation service for just an extra €6/month.
€6 / month
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