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What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files stored in your device by a website. They are used to store certain interactions with the website that may be updated and recovered. These files are stored in the user’s device, and contain anonymous data that are not harmful to the device. They are used to cache certain user preferences, including, but not limited to, language, access data, and website customization.

Cookies may also be used to record anonymous data about how a user interacts with the website. For example, it may record the website you have access ours from, or if you have access it by clicking on an online ad.

Why do we use cookies?

SBR Training S.L. uses only the necessary cookies for you to use our websites, allowing you to browse freely, use secure sites, customize your experience, etc. Furthermore, SBR Training S.L. uses cookies that store data about the website usage and performance. With this information we optimize and customize the website, and improve our services.

Our websites may be linked to social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter. SBR Training S.L. has no control over the cookies used by external websites such as these. For more information about how cookies are used by social networks and other external websites, please review their own cookies policies.

What use we give to the different types of cookies?

Depending on their purpose:
Technical Cookies: These are essential for the proper functioning of a website, and the different options and services it may offer. For example, these are useful for sustaining your online session; managing response time, performance, and options; using security features; sharing content with social networks; etc.

Customization Cookies: These allow the user to customize some of the options available through a website. These include, but are not limited to, language, regional configuration, and browser.

Analytical Cookies: These are used by the website to create browsing profiles, and learn the preferences of users, in order to improve the website’s offers and services. For example, these cookies may be used to learn about users’ preferred location, offers’ success rate, etc.

Advertising Cookies: These are responsible for the proper management of advertising spaces which are based on specific criteria. For example, frequency a website is accessed, specific content that is edited, etc. Advertising cookies store data about a user’s behavior by recording their habits and points of access, and creating their preference profile, to offer advertising relevant to their interests.

Depending on their lifespan:
Session Cookies: These last for as long as a user is browsing the website, and are deleted once they leave.

Permanent Cookies: These are stored in a user’s device for a longer time. Every time a user visits the website some of their preferences are thus remembered.

What if I do not want these cookies or I do nothing about it?

As stated by current legislation, we have to ask you for permission to manage cookies. If you decide not to grant us your permission, we will only be using technical cookies since these are indispensable for browsing the website; we would not store any cookies in your device. By browsing the website, without denying your permission, you authorize the use of cookies.

Keep in mind that, if you either reject or delete our browsing cookies, (i) we may not be able to keep track of your preferences; (ii) some features of our website may not be operational; (iii) we may not offer you customized services; and (iv) you may need to accept our cookies policy every time you visit our website.

If, despite all this, you decide to modify your access configuration, you should know that you may delete or reject cookies by modifying your web browser preferences:

Managing Cookies in Internet Explorer
Managing Cookies in Firefox
Managing Cookies in Google Chrome
Managing Cookies in Safari

Because these web browsers are subject to updates and modifications, we cannot guarantee these guidelines will completely apply to your version. You may also be using a web browser not included in the list, such as Konqueror, Arora, Flock, etc. Typically, you may use your web browser preferences and privacy settings to manage cookies. (Please, check your web browser’s help menu for more information.)

If you agree to the cookies policy of SBR Training S.L., click ACCEPT on the website banner. Where may I find more information?

You may find more information about cookies at or
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